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Coffee Cup

Good Coffee

A good cup of coffee makes the world go round.

Febuary Coffee of the Month:

Organic Peruvian, a well-bodied brew smooth and bright!  Roasted by East Bay's own McLaughlin Coffee Company.




Good Eats

Good Eats

And now for the newest addtion, drum roll please....WAFFLES! Not just any waffles but our very own Belgian Country Bacon Waffle, Espresso Chocolate Waffle, Strawberry Ginger Waffle, and Homestyle Waffle. 


We are excited to work with Indie Cakes in Berkeley for our pastries! We love working with another small (woman owned) business that makes great stuff. She roasts her own organic squash for the muffins and you can taste the love.  All of their pastries are fresh, local, organic and delicious.


Frozen Treats
Frozen Treats

Our frozen treats are off the chain, if we do say so ourselves.  They're another testament to the fact that good tasting doesn't have to be bad for you! We have rotating flavors of frozen yogurt, gelato and seasonal soomthies.

The Good Word: Goings On at GB's

First Fridays with Vagirant Poetics

Open Mic!


Every First Friday

7:00 until wheneves. Come hang out, listen and rock the mic. Everyone welcome, we have a platform for all forms of expression.

Good Eats:


Homestyle, Country Bacon, Strawberry Ginger, Chocolate Espresso


Tuna Melt!!  Our house Mediterranean tuna salad grilled on rustic french loaf with swiss. (feel free to customize the bread and cheese options) this tuna melt is a dream come true for a couple of us at GB's because it is an awesome tuna salad without mayo!!

Breakfast Sandwich  eggs scrambled with home grown herbs, cheese, our house spicy aioli on your choice of fresh breads.

Turkey Avocado  sliced turkey, avocado and all the fixins toasted with your choice of cheese and bread.

Mushroom Swiss Melt  grilled mushrooms, melted swiss cheese and pesto on focaccia

Good Grilled Veggie Melt  grilled zucchini, mushrooms, peppers and onions,pesto and melted provolone on focaccia

Pesto Chicken Melt  grilled chicken, melted provolone, sun-dried tomatoes on focaccia

Pastrami Melt  pastrami, melted swiss cheese, grilled onions on your choice of fresh breads

Garden Burger  grilled garden burger with cheese, add grilled mushrooms, onions and/or peppers


Fresco Salad spring greens, roasted red bell peppers, avocado, red onion, feta, fresh basil and balsamic vinaigrete

Grilled Chicken Salad grilled chicken, honey roasted almonds, cranberries on a bed of mixed greens with a lemon vinaigrette

Mediterranean Tuna Salad mixed greens topped with our house tuna salad, red bell peppers, red onions tomatoes and a lemon vinaigrette

Grilled Veggie Salad grilled peppers, onions and mushrooms on a bed of mixed lettuces, topped with shaved parmesan and a balsamic vinaigrette

All Fruit Smoothies

all smoothies made with fruit, yogurt and juice.  add soy for .50

Strawberry Banana

Peach Mango

Mixed Berry Banana

Berry Peach

or any combination you can think of!

Frozen Yogurt & Gelato

weekly rotating flavors